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Good Afternoon to you all!

  Recently I purchased new pro panels for our photography booth. Now having the panels, its time to make a few other changes.

I am curious what all of you use for your product/item name badges in your booths. How you mount them i.e.: velcro, magnetic, pin, tape etc and where you order them.

I would like to have some really nice product descriptions and available sizes etc listed on these badges. 

Do you laser engrave yours? Do you type them.

Any assistance and advice is appreciated! 

Thanks Everyone!

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Hi Chuck,

you may have already figured out your solution, but if not, here is an idea. I purchased name tags from Office Depot. The type with the clear plastic folded pocket and a pin on the back (Avery® Pin Style Name Badge Kits, Business Card Size, 2 1/4" x 3 1/2", Box Of 100 Item # 303529) I cut them in half, but you can leave them full size. I attached a small piece of velcro on the back of each, which affixes easily to the ProPanels. I then create a document on the computer with multiple squares (the size of the plastic sleeve) each having the name of the piece, description and price. I cut them out and slip them into the sleeve. It's very simple, allows you to change out the info easily and also has the added benefit of tracking what work you have at each show. (I make a new document before each show which of course is saved on the computer). 


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