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Hello All!

I am never good at these introductions, so here goes. I live in a small township halfway between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg in Pennsylvania, or PA for the locals. I got my bachelors in Political Science. While in college, I also spent time between part time gigs at Lowes, and taking gigs as a magician.  After college, the magic was left behind, and I worked on a few political campaigns, but decided that was not for me. I followed up my degree with a program in Multimedia and Web Design that led to the first iteration of BB Productions, which was a web design company. In a moment of panic I took a full time gig for another company and shuttered BB Productions.

Now, in a time of more clarity and self awareness, I have realized the error of my ways, and I am moving back to self employment. This time, I am developing my business(es) around my passions. BB Productions has been reborn, this time as an outlet for my woodworking projects. My other outlet, is building custom magic props and performing as a Mind Reader. I still have the day job, doing IT support, but I am slowly transitioning out into being a full time woodworker and performer.

I have done some small local craft fairs, but I want to get into doing some more larger juried shows. I am not sure I have the inventory right now for larger shows, so my focus has been building in my free time to be able to have enough merchandise.

My goals for joining this community is to seek feedback on my work, get advice on various shows, and to offer as much help and support when and where I can.

For examples of some of my work, feel free to check my website. It has a fair amount of my projects, but my Instagram and Facebook page are updated more frequently, the links to them are below.

Thanks for reading, and thanks again for accepting me into your community!

All the best!


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Welcome!  Just visited your FB and IG and left a like on both!

Thank you Cindy, I really appreciate it.


Are you a member of SAM or IBM?

Do you know Howie S.?

Ever do business with Tannens?

Hi Larry,

I am a member of SAM, and a I have a lapsed IBM membership. How about you? Are you a member of either?

I don't recall Howie S at this time, but that does not mean much, I could really do better with names.

I've never been to Tannens, but I get their newsletter and have ordered from them occasionally. I actually had a shop much closer, until a few months ago in Pittsburgh. Now, Denny's is my closest, so I have to do more online orders when I buy stuff.

I was about 9 years old when I started pitching. We would do the fair circuit. I would go through a gross of Svengali's in a weekend. Not bad sales at that age. My father was the manager at Tannen's.

Later we had our regular shops.

I had the pleasure, growing up, associating with some of the great ones.

Al Flosso used to tell me to "Stand up straight, boy" :-)

Many other celebrities came over our house.

My dad was better than I would have ever been. Doing a chop cup routine, he could produce a grapefruit under a chop cup, while 2' away from the audience, flawlessly. Obviously the grapefruit was way too large and could not fit.

i started doing my own shows, professionally, when 16.

I've been out of it for many, many years now.

I would not attempt anything now as I would not do it well. 

If memory and names are an issue. Read up about Harry Lorayne. His is an interesting story.

At one time he had a bad problem with memory.

BTW, I still have Jack Millers original "Hold out". (If I can find it).

Wow! I am more than a little jealous right now. Meeting some of the giants in the profession must have been a little intimidating. I never got into the chop cup, but I used the standard cups and balls to reveal my wife's engagement ring when I proposed.

With the names, it's more of an issue, that when I read about the magicians, they become a bit of a blur, if I meet them, and have a face to go with the name, I am usually okay, but I have plenty of Harry's material to review, and maybe I can get a little better with that.

An original Hold out you say? Man if props could talk.In my area, Swoger was the big name for prop building. Getting to check out some of his construction and designs is always impressive and inspiring.

Hello Bradley, welcome to our group. You will find that we have discussed about everything you ever wanted to know about art fairs at one time or another. There is a search bar at the top on the right hand side. Enter your topic in the search bar to see if we have discussed what you are looking for.

Take some time to look around our website. You will lots of useful info here.

I checked out your instagram, too. Love the wood floors!!!! I also liked the console table and the cutting boards. You do nice work.

Hello Jacki,

Thank you for the information and kind words. I am always please to hear that people like my designs. I work in a bit of a bubble, so it sometimes feels like I may be making stuff that only I like.

I have been slowly making my way through the discussions and attempting to get myself up to speed. There is definately a lot to take in.

Have a great day!

Take your rime looking through everything.  There really is a lot to absorb.  The people here are friendly and helpful so if you have questions let us know.


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