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When everyone who sees you at a show tells you that they bought from you in the past, and they love their PAST purchases-

How do you take a year or two off, then return?

I have been able to do this with a few smaller shows, but it was due to personal circumstances - care of and passing of parents. Considerate promoters, right back to the same good spot, never missed a beat when I returned.

But when I have missed a year because I felt I had "sold out" to that area, not so good when I returned, or tried to return and got juried out.

Is there a way to do this that I am not aware of?

Don't want to burn any bridges. Thanks.

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I can't imagine anyone needing to explain anything to a promoter if they did not apply to any show...unless they might be very good friends with the promoter. People get juried out of shows that they have done often because the promoter might just want to see some new faces instead of the same artists every year.

If you have had a certain location in a show for a few years and then get juried out or do not apply then it becomes a spot they fill with another artist and it then becomes their spot that they could just as easily request again when applying the next year.

I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that someone didn't apply to a show...especially with the belief that each year is a new blind jury that supposedly doesn't know who was or was-not there in previous years.

The shows I do are run by local arts or civic organizations. It doesn't hurt to let them know you are alternating their show with another or just taking a year off to keep sales from getting stale. In resort areas of CO and WY you have local and transient clientele. I have strong sales and tax revenue for their coffers, so I get invited back.

Thanks for the replies.

I guess that there are so many shows in such a wide variety, that there is no set way to do this?

I have had more than one promoter email me when they they did not receive my app for that year, wondering what happened to me- and then of course, others who have no clue or care.

I do "catch up" with a few show directors. It's about a five minute conversation before my show at my booth, once a year. I wouldn't say that makes us friends, but I do feel some rapport.

I've been rotated out, of course. Seems, though, that we should be able to rotate ourselves out, too!


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