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This week I made new weights for our tent. We will be at Ft. Worth next week and it seems to have a reputation for windy weather. Heres what I used:

  1. 1 10" piece of 4" schedule 40 PVC, cut into 4 equal pieces
  2. 2 80# bags of Sackrete.
  3. 8 test caps, 4 with 3/8" holes in top
  4. 4 eyebolts, 3/8" diameter, 8" long, with nuts (add washers if you wish)

After you cut the pipe into 4 pieces, put the test caps in one end and place them with that end down on a level surface. Fill each pipe half full of the dry Sacrete and add one cup of water. You can stir this with an old broom handle if you wish, I did, but am not sure it mattered.

After a quick stir, add more dry Sacrete till the level is about 6 inches from the top of the pipe. Add one more cup of water and wait for the level to fall. Add water and Sacrete alternatively in small amounts till the level of mix is up to the top of the pipe.


Insert the test caps, with the eyebolts and nuts, through the holes, into the wet mix and push the caps down tight. Then push the eyebolts down into the wet cement, stopping a half inch or so from the cap.


Next morning, you are finished.

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Thank you Linda and Jim. Have been meaning to get mine done, just got back from Home depot with my purchases. About right with the budget. Will be putting it together in preparation for the hectic season.

how heavy are they each?  how sturdy are they to stand up to someone falling into them?


I have similar weights and they each weight about 40lbs. and work quite well. I would suggest adding a handle half way down to make it easier to carry. Use a large U bolt at least the width of your hand.  Drill a hole into the PVC and attached it before you pour in the concrete.  The U Bolt also makes it so the weights won't roll around in your vehicle..


Here is another example linked from Larry Berman's forum. (the handle is a bit wimpy but every thing else is nicely finished).

I've got four weights like the ones Larry described, right down to the "wimpy" handle. Before I replaced them with solid steel. The handles never tore loose, and worked pretty well. They still roll around though.
My weights are made the same way. I hang them from the corner of my canopy and bungie them to the corner pipes so that they won't sway.

Excellent! Thank you for sharing your 'recipe'. I love the 'use square PVC  pipe' tip from Paul. I'll make some, but lessen the weight to what I can easily carry...I  may need one or two more weights. But being able to schelp them by myself is very  important.


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