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Hi, all... A fairly naive question, but I just purchased a pro panels 10x10 and the nice adjustable hangers... The issue I'm having, which I'm sure is quite common, is the lighter work hangs out from the wall at the top... Are there any simple go to ways of fixing this? 

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.


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I use deep frames that we put a very long one inch plus builders staple in the middle top instead of wiring paintings they hang flat on the wall and wire can snap after years and this never has.
Hope this helps.

Thank you... These are resined pieces 11 x 14 or so and already wired. 

Cardboard corners or something similar under the bottom of each painting.

Larry Berman

Thank you, Larry... Not sure I follow - you mean something that in a sense pushes out the bottom which then kinda brings the overall piece more even with the wall? 


There's no other way.

Larry Berman


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