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I have four sectional panels that, when set-up, are 37-1/2" wide and 6' high. I also have a 6" roof frame/light bar, and 4 face out bars for holding shelves or hanging light items. I have used this set for six indoor shows and one outdoor show. They have been stored in their shipping box and are in like-new condition. 

The whole set-up would now cost $441, plus shipping if you purchased from the manufacturer--and I just love this manufacturer, by the way. They are super friendly and provide excellent customer service.

I would prefer not to have to ship them, but I'd be willing to for a motivated buyer. 

I'd like $250 for the set, plus shipping if I have to ship and I would have to price this out before settling on the shipping costs.

I am located in the greater Seattle area and am willing to drive 100 miles or so to meet you.

I recently purchased Pro Panels and so won't need the GDS system any longer.

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Paula, Alas I am looking for Propanels rather than mesh. So I was wondering what your new setup is and whether you might be open to renting it out locally. I'm in Seattle and right now the last week in July is my most critical need (Bellevue Arts Museum Artfair). You can email me directly at neil[at sign] Thanks.

Hi Neil, I might be interested in renting the new Pro Panels I bought--the only challenge is that my son is wait-listed for Bellevue Arts Museum show. If he gets in they won't be available. Keep in touch!
Paula, I haven't found anything yet. Does your son know anything more about his need? I didn't get in to Art in the Pearl or Art in the High Desert, the two other quality show I tried for, so I hesitant to buy new. My space in Bellevue is 10x15 so I would need to order some additional panels. Thanks.


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