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  • Derwent Artists Fine Art Colour Pencils (set of 36)

The smooth, perfectly round barrel of this popular artist's pencil encourages easy movement and expressive drawing.

The pencil's composition is soft but not crumbly, with a slightly waxy texture for easy blending and shading. The 4 mm diameter color strip allows naturally broad strokes and strong lines.

By simply adding more pressure on the paper, color strength can be varied from faint and delicate to bold and intense.

Price at Dick Click is $31 for 24 and $93 for 72. This set is as good as new. Our price: $35

  • Berol Prismacolor Thick Lead Art Pencils - set of 120

                    Nearly perfect set. Amazon price: $59; Our price: $30

  • Assorted Prismacolor Pencils & SpotPen Handcoloring Pens

Assortment includes 38 boxes, some half full, some with only 3 pencils in them. A minimum of 130 pencils, most of them never used. Price: $30, includes also SpotPen Handcoloring Pens

  • SpotPen Handcoloring Pens are the easiest way to explore the beautiful art of handcoloring B&W photographs. No longer manufactured.

This complete set includes Handcoloring Group #1 (Starter set) in the following 8 colors:  Dark Flesh (42), Medium Mustard (39), Grass (24); Medium Lilac (15), Cheek Pink (65), Lip Pink (66), Light Flesh (50), Sky (72)

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I am new to the site so maybe I sent my message to the wrong spot. I want to buy the set of 120 Berol pencils. I am also interested in the assortment but would like more detail as to colors and how many are Berol Prismacolors. I very much prefer Berols! I live in Beaverton Oregon. Any idea on cost to ship? Thank you! Janice

Sorry for the delay in answering Janice. All of the pencils have been sold.

Hi Janice. They are all Berol. Wonderful pencils, but I sold them all yesterday. Sorry.
Are the spot pens still for sale?

Thanks for asking. Everything was sold, Rita. But I will inquire with the buyer if she can use the spot pens, as she is not a photographer, she may not need them. I'll let you know.

I just checked with the buyer of the pencils, she is keeping all the pencils and pens, Rita.


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