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Anyone have any experience with this tent?

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I have seen several of these Eurmax canopies when looking for a pop up tent a couple of years back. I spoke with 2 of the owners  and they both said they were good for the price but definitely not waterproof and they had to treat them with waterproofing spray at least once a year. Other than that they seemed to be satisfied.

The only true "weaterproof" canopy is one with a vinyl top that has welded seams and not sewn seams that can leak. You don't want water wicking through the polyester during a heavy rain. is a website that can give you a good idea of numerous canopies available by different manufacturers...

Thanks we'll look at that site again.

We were given a tent a few weeks back. However the previous owner had loaned it to someone else before we got it in hand.  The borrower ended up breaking one of the legs and is now unusable.  :(

Possible to get a replacement part for the broken leg? Most tent manufacturers sell parts

Possible?  I suppose.  However we have no record of purchase to go on since we are not the original owner.

I don't think you have to be the original purchaser to buy replacement parts with most tents...You just need to know the model # for correct parts. I know a couple of individuals with used tents that did this

Mine pooled water until I used those pool spaghetti floats in the corners. The so called stabilizer bars are cheaply made. The push pin connectors bent right away and I needed to use a vise to push them in far enough to close the tent. You're better of buying a real tent, like Trimline or Craft hut. For the life of the tent, you will be spending the same amount of money in the long run because it lasts much longer and is stable. And, good luck getting a response from the company if anything goes wrong. They are made in China. Plus, if you read the fine print it says not to leave them up over night. I'd pass on Euromax.

We are actually looking at having to purchase 2 tents due to expanding to a 10x20 next calendar year.  There is no way on God's green earth we can buy a $1000+ tent twice over right now.  Especially since we just bought our trailer.  I understand the ones you are talking about are top shelf tents.  Just can't do it right now, unfortunately.  :(

Look at the steel version of the EZ-up. It is also around $500 like the Euromax. I think it is called the Majestic or something like that. Those that have had them have used them for years without a problem. Ask Connie. I think they had one of those tents.

Will do.  Thanks for the head's up.  Just told dh.

I just went to the EZ-Up and the KDCanopy site. KD talked about not using steel anymore. Plus the prices on each web site seem to be a lot more than I expected. They both make a 10' x 20' tent. Also, they both talked about the tents being stronger and improved. Too bad you can't look at them in person to make a decision. I used an EZ-Up for about 2 years. They held up with the proper weights, but, it did cause a lot of stress thinking that any moment it was going to go down. Maybe the 10' x20' is more secure. Trimline makes a 10' x 20' tent also. I don't know the price.

I have a KD Majestic and that is the only canopy that I have ever had. It has gotten me through everything. 

I just came back from St James Art Fair.

We did have a lot of rain. Not much wind, at all.

I saw a a Eurmax tent collapsed (Not mine).

I've been at shows where other tents were destroyed, yet my Undercover was just fine.

This Eurmax seemed to collapse from water gather on the roof, not a weighting problem.


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