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I have been using duck tape to secure my PVC pipe weights to booth legs and to bind up various lengths of 1" steel conduit used for the booth frame. Problem one was the appearance of residual duct tape and adhesive collecting dirt on the weights did not look professional. Problem two was residual duck tape and adhesive on the pipes messed up fixtures that needed to slide on.  Both required cleaning with steel wool and mineral spirits after a couple shows. Problem one was solved with some leather straps to buckle around PVC and booth legs. Problem two was solved with some rubber bands cut from an old auto tire inner tube (yup they are scarce but still around).  

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Artists creative minds are always thinking and innovating to adapt and make stuff work for our individual needs. The method I used for securing my weights was "U" bolts and some knobs to snug them up tight. This could easily work with pvc weight tubes. However, leather straps seem like they would install faster than threading on the knobs

WD-40 works very nicely to remove tape adhesive, and another product called Goo-Gone works well. I used to use the WD-40 to remove bandage tape adhesive from IV pump stands years ago when doing medical gear maintenance, and that tape is tenacious stuff.

Another tape to use is black "Gaffers Tape". It's used by electricians at the indoor venues and leaves no residue at all.

I've also seen several people using Lashing Straps to secure their PVC weights to their tents. They are inexpensive and available at many places. I use them in my van to keep stuff together and eliminate rattling if cargo

I use lashing straps to hang the PVC wights fro the top rail.

The lashing strap method I was mentioning was that they were cut to short lengths and wrapped around the PVC/Tent legs to keep the weights from swaying. Hanging heavy weights from the top rails works great with a Trimline because of all the metal connectors but would seem less secure where non-metal connectors are used on pop-up tents. 

These rope ratchets also do a great job when hanging the weights and snugging them up.

I have a set I bought at Home Depot

I use the tails of the lashing straps to tie the weights to the poles through an eye bolt at the to[ of the weights. My new leather straps will run through the handles of the weights about mid center. I'll post a picture after my next show: Golden,CO 8/20-21.

What about velcro straps?
I buy industrial strength velcro rolls in 2" widths. Easy to cut into the widths and lengths I need. Very strong. Can be found in white or black.

I use 2" Velcro in my work too. Inner tubes and leather straps were less expensive for me and they worked out well the entire summer season.

oops... Of course I hadn't considered your trade with the leather goods and skills in working with them. I guess my suggestion was about the same as someone telling me to pay someone else to photograph for me :-)

Too bad I didn't know of you in my old days when I spent a lot of money for my Bona Allen as well as other saddles and tack.

still a good suggestion.

We use rope- it's colorful, blues. But leather sounds better.


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