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I am seriously considering opening a gallery. Okay, I've actually decided to but the question of location is still a big one. I have fallen in love with a charming spot that is just the right size and layout. The problem is there would be no walk-by traffic. It is on a busy road and there is already a large sign in front that should be quite visible to the cars driving by.

The galleries I have participated in do not seem to depend on walk-by traffic but the question is really bugging my husband and I need his total support before proceeding.

What do you think?

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What type of work do you plan to sell? If it is impulsive then walk by would be helpful. But if you are selling larger more expensive, then I think it would be more like a furniture store clientele, as in serious purchase, in that driving would not matter.

Best wishes in your business venture.

Once you establish yourself, I don't think it will matter but if it's on a busy street there should be plenty of cars driving by that would take note and make a return visit, don't you think?  Traffic is traffic, either way and if there's a prominent sign, it's all good.

Thanks!  I agree.

Opening a gallery isn't quite like being in an art show. Art shows rely mainly on passing traffic: people who chose the show as a destination, people who happen by, people who are out for entertainment. A gallery is a retail destination, so passing traffic is good advertising, but it shouldn't be your only advertising.

Keep in mind that you need to create awareness of your gallery through advertising, social media, networking, community outreach, PR, outdoor advertising (signage and billboards) as well. If your business plan has thought that through, and you have the time and money budget to support it, being on a busy road will not be an issue. 

You're probably better off being in a visible location versus an invisible location, too. You won't have many "walk-ins" on a busy road. Is parking easy to come by? Will you have signage that allows people to impulsively decide to pull in and take a look well in advance of the driveway?


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