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I'm considering an ABCCanopy on Amazon. the 'Abccanopy 10-feet By 10-feet Festival Steel Instant Canopy, Commercial Level, with Wheeled Storage Bag, 6 Removable Zipper End Walls , Bonus 4x Weight Bag (white)' at

It has a steel frame, square, not round, poles, 100% waterproof canopy with heat sealed seams, 500d top, 150d sides and more. at $275 it seems like a great deal. does anyone have any experience with it, or with any other Abccanopies? I'm not sure how heavy it is with the steel frame and if that would make it much harder for one person to erect.



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Did you ever end up getting the tent?

I came across it as well and it looks great, but I'm a bit scared to order from their site (Amazon is sold out of them).  Stuff is comically misspelled all over the place, and their CC processing doesn't even work (paypal would be the only option that works).  Items say out of stock in one area of their site and in stock and another area, etc.  The only negative comment people have in the Amazon reviews is that there is essentially no customer support as no one has ever gotten a response from them about anything.  At least on Amazon you are protected by Amazon itself, not so much ordering direct through

Hi Ryan-
I was able to order the tent, and on a trial Amazon Prime a account, saving me $79. shipping. It arrived 2 days later. It was heavy as heck, but when I opened the box, I found that the walls were packed separately from the frame and roller bag, which made the roller bag easy to deal with. I can always make another trip back to get the walls and top. It came with 4 sandbags but they only hold about 20lbs each, so I'm buying additional ones that will hold 4lbs each, giving me approx 60lbs per leg. It's been rain and snow here since I got it, but I'm hoping to set it up this weekend and will let everyone know what I think of it. I can say, looking at the frame, that it looks pretty solid, steel and all.
More later,

Old post here, but thought I would reply. I purchased just a replacement top from ABCcanopy on eBay.  All in all pretty pleased.  It is heavy duty and has seen some rain with no leaks.  It is a VERY tight fit on my EZ-Up 10 x 10 frame, but once it's on it looks great.  Only issue I have is that when I inquired about flame retardant with the company (there is no affixed label or certification sent with the product) I got a somewhat generic certificate to print out.  Now that most shows are requiring NFPA 701 labels sewn in I've recently tried to contact ABC again about it, but can't get a response.

Just throwing that out there.

I have one and like it very much. We haven't done many shows but it has held up well. My only complaint is that it came with no instructions on how to put it up! We always do a dry run in the yard before we head to a show!

I have this canopy.   I had read about them and then went out to the shows in search of others who had them.  It took a while but then I started to see them.  I asked the vendors what they thought about it and got nothing but great reviews.  I bought mine on Amazon prime and had it 2 days later.  Yes, the stakes are a joke but otherwise I'm very happy with it.    I did notice that the bars are held together with nuts and bolts rather than rivets.   To me that's a good thing.   If by chance something gets bent or broken you can easily order a new part and replace it.   

We have an ABC and it has been great over the last year (6-8 shows) and been through a couple of good rains. It is waterproof, all pieces seem to be well made but it is a starter unit. If you are thinking having it 5 - 10 years I doubt it, then again you can replace it 2-3 times for the same cost as a a more recognized brand. No problems so far. I would recommend if you are trying to stay on a budget (like we were) or trying to figure out the viability of the art show "circuit" before leaping deep. I do suggest however it is MUCH easier to setup with two people.

I bought one. The list of what's wrong is way longer then what's right. I knew I was in for another learning experience when the UPS guy ask for help carrying this heavy box  in. The tent is 4" longer then the one I had that fit just right in the right spot in my truck. The  snaps, buttons, sipper, porch

canopy, wobble and the bag all presented problems. The BEST part was my calling and not getting anyone to respond via phone or Email. I write a review, gave them an ear full and a 3 on a 1 to 10 scale. Well here is the Very Very Best part, Amozon replys that they can not refund my money but if I would redo my review they would send me another tent. I said send me a new tent and I would redo my review. I got the tent and change my review to a 2 on the 1 to 10 scale. Screw Amazon reviews and ABC tents. Any one wants to buy a New in the box ABC I've got one in the box for sale.

I just finished my 3rd show with mine and it has been fine.  Good height, has been sturdy in some fairly decent winds so far.

I'm convinced the sidewalls are impossible to get all 4 zipped all the way at the same time.  Other than that, it has been great.


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