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I'm considering an ABCCanopy on Amazon. the 'Abccanopy 10-feet By 10-feet Festival Steel Instant Canopy, Commercial Level, with Wheeled Storage Bag, 6 Removable Zipper End Walls , Bonus 4x Weight Bag (white)' at

It has a steel frame, square, not round, poles, 100% waterproof canopy with heat sealed seams, 500d top, 150d sides and more. at $275 it seems like a great deal. does anyone have any experience with it, or with any other Abccanopies? I'm not sure how heavy it is with the steel frame and if that would make it much harder for one person to erect.



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I have never heard of them. $275 for all they offer...especially a WATERPROOF  canopy seems especially cheap for a company that i have not heard of.. or seen one of their tents at any shows.

Thanks, Greg-

I went to the amazon site again to look at the reviews. There were 15 reviews, all marked 'verified purchase' by amazon, just to let us know they weren't fake (as best as could be told.) All 15 were 5 star! Not a single review less than 5 star. I've never seen that on amazon before.

The first review was dated 10/12/15, so maybe that is when the tent became available and no one has seen one. It looks like a pretty good deal. when you said 'especially cheap', did you mean inexpensive suspicious quality?

Thanks for the reply


I looked at the listing, and it's perfectly fine for a starter setup. Or in my case, one until I finally retire in the next few years. It's 60 pounds, so it's not a flimsy aluminum unit.

If you like it, get it. It has a one year warranty, so if anything goes wrong in that time...

It's not that expensive as far as canopies go, and it's very similar to the Eurmax one I got through Amazon which I think is great.

But some items in the package are kinda worthless. The "spikes" are a joke. They're the same thing I got, so I went to my local hardware store and got real spikes. They're just a tad smaller in diameter than the holes in the pads and they're about 12 inches long. They're made to nail 6x6 landscaping ties together. Also get dog stakes that screw into the ground. They work very well.

For almost 20 years now, I have been using a 10x10 white tarp that I bungee to the mechanism to make a ceiling inside. I don't care how thick the tops are, when it gets hot outside, that ceiling keeps me and my customers cool inside.

Like I said, it's a good inexpensive tent.

Thanks, Chris-

Sounds good to me. I liked all the positive reviews it got, and the few people who said the company worked quickly to resolve any problems. And now i finally know what 'dog stakes' are!

I'm probably going to get this and I'll let everyone know how it goes.

I'm 68 (I think) and just getting into this, hoping to have a few fun years at it. I've always enjoyed showing at art fairs. I like meeting the people. Thanks for all your help and advice.



for that price of only $275 it is worth a try... and if it is as good as they make it sound you will have a very good deal. I am also 68  and have spent a lot of money on tents to make life easier and dry during those rainy and stormy shows. One of the most important features of a tent is being waterproof and not water resistant in addition to having a solid frame that will hold up.

Please let us know how you like it after giving it a good use...

Hi Greg--

The waterproof, heat sealed seams is what will close the deal for me. Too many I read about say they are water resistant. so are my tennis shoes. too many people have told me their tents leak at the seams.

I'll let all know



Well, I'm going to go with this tent. There are 2 options, 1 at $289 with 3 sidewalls and a door wall, and one at $299 with 4 sidewalls. I really dont know which is better to have, a 4th wall or a door wall. (actually, I'm not sure what a door wall is!)

Thanks for your help


David, A door wall is a side wall with a zipper down the center for easier access. I would definitely recommend a door wall for its convenience.

I have a double door wall in both of my tents and really like the convenience of rear access...especially when we have space behind the tent for storage. Also  great for ventilation. It is easy to open just one side or both. 

My Eurmax also has a door side. Oh, and a screen window too. Not that I'll use it as the outdoor shows I do are generally back to back with maybe a foot between canopies. Except for Gloucester, MA where my tent opens up in the back to the harbor and the lobstermen pulling up the night's dinner.

thanks, Chris. I'm going to place my order today.

thanks greg-- this is getting easier and easier with everyone's help

I am interested in hearing how well the abc canopy works and how it meets up to all the descriptions of it on their website. If it is as good as the state then they can become a real go-to canopy for many artists using pop up models.


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