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  1. Beseler Photo Enlarger 45V-XL - $250 or Best Offer (really needs a home, not a landfill)

    Used in professional darkroom. Includes Chassis, baseboard, Head w/Power Supply, V.C. Controller w/Pro, V.C. System Pkg, 35MM-25x37 Carrier, Standard 35MM Carrier. 

    The 45 V-XL sets the standard for professional laboratory use, offering faster operation, greater productivity, increased efficiency and unprecedented versatility in a large format enlarger.

    Paid $3388 in June 1997. It has not been used for 10 years. Pickup only, south central Michigan.

  2. Enlarger lenses, Schneider optics
  3. Negative holders
  4. Easels
  5. Grain focuser
  6. Digital Omega timer and GraLab timers (2)
  7. Olympus auto bellows
  8. Osram safe lights
  9. 2 light boxes
  10. 2 air compressors
  11. temperature controller
  12. unending supply of beakers, trays and whatever else you need to develop and print
  13. film & paper
  14. unopened 10 foot roll of seamless
  15. whatever else you might need may be here also ...

Price: whatever you think is fair.

I am hosting a garage sale on August 11 & 12 here in south central Michigan, but hoped to put some of this in the hands of my friends.

Please put questions in the comments below. 

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I have two timers - the same as the two on the left on Connie's photo that I would sell for $50 + shipping.  Pat

I just saw this posting and if anyone out there missed buying these items, I may have them for you!  I have many of the same items for sale with the addition of a couple of processors - a CP31 Fujimoto Image Processor and a JOBO processor with 2 drums for 16X20's. Also have the requisite timers, trays, chemical bottles, beakers, dryer, enlargers (one Omega and one Beseler both with color heads and power supplies) etc, etc.  I, also, don't want to see them go to a landfill - there is life in them yet!  If you need it, I just may have it!

My Haiku:

I printed my work

My darkroom is very dark

But still wants to shine!  

How about fifty bucks for all five of them?

Thanks for your consideration!

All gone ... the enlargers have found good homes in Texas, Dearborn and Lapeer, MI, plus all the other darkroom equipment and fresh sealed boxes of photo paper.


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