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Awesome tent.  Includes two canopy tops:  one full skylight and one partial skylight.  Also two 4' heavy duty awnings.  Bottom stabilizer bars.  About six years old. Rock solid. Overall very good condition.  Will give it a good washing before sale!  $750

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I'm interested in the Craft Hut. Where are you located?

Hi Ron,

I'm in Nashville.   I'll also be driving from Nashville to Colorado in late June and can bring it 

to you if it happens to be on the route.  Where are you?  When do you need it?

I can also ship it.

Thanks,  Will

I am in Texas and would be interested. Do you happen to get close to Texas on your route to Colorado?


Hi Jason,   I'll be going through Kansas, so not so close!  But I can ship to you and probably 

pretty economically.  Where in Texas are you?  I can give you a shipping quote.

You can also contact me at    Thanks

I live in Colorado. I would be interested in buying this if you can bring it this direction in June. It would be great to save on shipping. If it doesn't work out for Ron let me know. Thanks. 

Hi Casey,  Please contact me at and we can discuss.  Thanks

Casey, If you're interested in picking this up in Colorado, please try to contact me today. Thanks


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