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I've looked at 8-10 builders, signed up for all the free accounts. I like Squarespace the best. It's cheaper than WIX for the same (some better) features.

Problem is... the first time my husband tried to access Squarespace he got an error message saying the site was down. He tried a couple of more times and could never get in.... I never had that problem.

Is anyone using Squarespace and what are your thoughts?

I also found the link to IndieMade on this forum. It looks really nice and seems to be comparable to Squaresqace. The price is between Squarespace and Wix.

Thoughts on Indiemade?

I'm not looking at the top packages, 1 step down.

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Awesome site dude, very slick.

Thank you! Yours is quite impressive and TO THE POINT. Something I will think about.

Your site is really nice. This is with Mobirise for free?!?! WoW!

I just published a website using Squarespace. I still have a lot of tweaking to do (that’s the extent of my technical acumen), but it’s a starting point and I can manage it myself.

Another nice site, Sheila. Thank you for showing. We have so much to learn from each other. Most of the pertinent things are there, but you aren't capturing potential buyers either.

Obviously I am a big fan of using the Internet to sell art and find new customers. Over the years I've done several podcasts on building a website, online marketing and the best tips for optimizing the Internet for building a list that keeps on giving by staying in contact with your buyers.

Here is a very basic podcast, done several years ago: Online Marketing for Artists. My guest is Scott Fox who has published 3 books dealing with online marketing. (Just between us, Scott is my son and he is the person who encouraged me to get online.) 

If you check out our podcast library you'll find many more helpful topics to help you in the art fair business.

Thanks Connie, I’ll check it out. This is the first iteration, so definitely plan on continuing to improve it!

Good for you, Sheila. Obviously you can't be at all shows all the time, so why not a small investment in a website and building an online presence and staying in touch with the people who have shown an interest in your work. Frankly, even if you have a site for which you pay for a year, it probably doesn't equal what you pay for one weekend's art fair fees. My sites (3 of them) cost $14.95 a month. What show is that inexpensive?

Nice site, nice work!

Thank you!

Nice site, nice work!

Oh goodness, I use Godaddy just because they answer the phone and help a lot.  But I have had a new domain waiting for me to work on for over a year now and just can't get up the energy to doit.  But I am applying to shows and galleries now and need to update it. Soooo old-fashioned.

Is there someone out there who is inexpensive but can do a site?

Why don't you post a new discussion, Esta, and ask if there is someone who would like to do this work for you? Another good alternative is to contact your local high school and ask the computer (IT) teacher if he/she can recommend a student to you.


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