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What are some of the biggest challenges that an artist might face when preparing for and attending an art show?

On the other side of the coin, what would an artist define as an accomplishment after the art show is all said and done?

I am genuinely interested in the responses as I enjoy attending art shows and meeting various artists along the way... 

Chris Alexander

RLI Insurance Company

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I would say weather is number one, followed by poor sales and poor booth site (off to the side of the main traffic flow, next to a stinky food booth, etc)


healthy sales, making new friends and renewing friendships, and packing up dry

One of the biggest challenges for me is the set-up.  If I do not have a helper, it is essential that I am able to pull up next to my booth location to unload.  My own daughter questioned me one time when I asked for her assistance at a show near her home, "you can't set this up yourself?"  Yes,  I can...but it would take me 6 hours rather than 3... I am young enough and still physically fit, but with winds, rains, rough terrain, that is my biggest challenge. 

That being said, everytime I do a show I remark how it is always worth the work.  9 times out of 10 the folks putting on the show are amazing.  I love the feedback from the customers and of course the reason we are all there, to make enough money so that we can continue to create. 

As to outdoor shows, coming to terms with the idea that, many months in advance, we are paying money up front to apply. Then a lot more money, well in advance for booth fees. Then travel expenses etc. Often puttin a lot into the promoters pocket.

Then the show days come and we have rain / bad weather.

We could have booked a show in a different area that had good weather.

Of course we do not control the weather (yet). However we risk a lot for this. We can be out thousands. 

So Chris, there is your market. Get together with the actuaries and underwriters, come up with a "Loss of expected return" policy. Or at least a "Loss of expenditure" policy. The loss as well as the incident causing said loss, would have to be documented and provable. 

Akin to "Trip cancellation" insurance.

The numbers can be done to account for the false and exaggerated claims. 

It can be done on a show by show basis.

I would purchase such, if the risk were weighed appropriately.

I'm sure Lloyds would write it.

Now that I've given you the idea, I'll send you my contact info, so you can send me my money for the wealth you will be acquiring through the new market :-) 

Remember who you heard this from :-)

Thanks for the comments Larry. I can definitely see how the weather and related circumstances can be challenging. This is very useful and something that I  can take to my folks. We will keep the group updated if we ever expand the policy to include this type of coverage.


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