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I have sold some art online, but my network is relatively small on social media and I'm not getting the visibility and sales that I would like. I live in Pittsburgh, although I am relatively new here and don't have any local contacts. I have looked at participating in local festivals, but a full tent setup is required just to apply! Do I invest in all of the equipment just to take a photo and then apply, hoping to get in, which will require further financial investment?

I've searched for answers on this but haven't come across any answers for those in my situation, who are trying to enter the art scene and wondering if this is the best way as an emerging artist. Sorry if this has been discussed and I've missed it! I would greatly appreciate any wisdom and experience. Thanks!

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Hello there! I too am a rather recent arrival to the Pittsburgh area and its craft fair scene. And while not a fine artist, (I make felted hats), there are a few indoor events in the area that do not need booth shots.

I really LOVED doing Handmade Arcade last December and cross my fingers that I will be able to do it this year. As far as I recall, there wasn't a need for a booth shot. It's indoors - in the Convention Center.  The nomadic I Made it Market has indoor events, too.

Have you considered joining the Craftsmen's Guild? They have a lovely fair at Mellon Park in September. If one is juried in as a member, one can show one's work. The show also includes artists from beyond the area.

Hello! That's a great idea to look into Handmade Arcade. I have been to one of the I Made it Market events, but it didn't seem to be a venue for fine art, but it's worth a shot I guess!

I hadn't heard of the Craftmen's Guild, so I'll look into that as well. Thank you so much!!


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