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We were all ready to start off out 1st. show of 6 in a row at Bluff Park... and all of a sudden there is a hurricane heading towards us in the Gulf Coast. Carol checked the weather forcast in Hoover, Alabama for tomorrow and it is 85% chance of rain. This is a one-day show and we would be driving back home heading into the hurricane. Needless to say I cancelled.

Well, it looks like shop time instead. Well...I be even more stocked up for next week at Festival Acadiens in LaFAYETTE...

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We are doing Shadows on the Teche tomorrow at New Iberia. Will let you know how it turns out weather wise.

Not looking forward to my drive home tomorrow night. Praying I can make it home before it gets to bad. 

A 6 hour drive home into an incoming hurricane did not seem appealing at all. That is why we cancelled. 80% chance of rain Saturday didn't look appealing either. Drive safely...and cautiously.

I decided to stay another night in Birmingham.  Rain started about 5min after I packed my booth up. Hope your not getting to much of the storm. 

I've been wondering all day about the weather in Hoover. Good the hear the rain spared everyone at the show till after break down. Surprisingly the weather here in Prairieville has been nice all day with no wind or rain at all. Completely opposite of the weather predictions.

I hope it was a successful show for you...

So, Kendra ... you were at Bluff Park? Everything okay?

Don't know if you noticed but I "stole" one of your images and used it in this week's last newsletter advertising "what are you doing this weekend?" and the best shows in the area. Hope you don't mind. I linked it to your site. I'd love to see your work in person one day. Do you ever get up to Michigan or northern Indiana or Ohio?

So sorry Connie I just saw this. Yes, I was at Bluff park it was a nice show. LOL I had not noticed, but thats fine. I didn't do any shows this past summer in Michigan but I did Krasl the year before. I'm not sure were next summer is going to take me. I ventured out west this past summer I have a daughter in Denver and a sister in Portland and I spent six weeks visiting family and doing shows on the weekend.

I was not at the show you were supposed to be at, Greg.  I was in La. at Shadows on the Teche and will do a review of this one in a separate post so I won't hijack your post.

I look forward to your review of Shadows on the Teche Cindy. I did not want to cancel this past Saturday's show but after going through several hurricanes and two floods I did not want to take a chance.

We've got Festival Acadiens in Lafayette this coming weekend and I am looking for outstanding weather (and sales)...

We may not have had a hurricane, but as I'm moving in about a month I hosted a moving sale outside this weekend. It only rained one whole day and two more times. Saturday night a storm with high winds came through and took out the power lines to the whole county, (luckily being an old art fair hand I had the good sense to take my tent down that night, just in case) so I've been without power until now! So excited to be online ... but what a weekend.

On top of that Michigan State beat U of Michigan -- talk about really, really bad news!

Sorry you had to miss Bluff Park. Hope everyone did well there and the hurricane did not hit.

Extra work but a smart move taking evereything down Connie. We all get so spoiled having power and just a short time without it seems like such a major inconvenience. Thats why I bought a generator years ago and it sure has come in handy numerous times here in our part of the world.

I have not heard anything about Bluff Park during the entire days weather with the exception of Kendra saying it started raining 5 minutes after she packed up.

I hope your move goes smoothly. Last time we moved was after hurricane Katrina and that was an easy move since all we had was what we were able to carry in the Jeep. I sure have accumulated too much stuff since then

Bluff Park ended up being a good show for me. It was cloudy all day which was nice because it kept the temps down. However it was humid no big surprise there being in Alabama.  We had 1 quick shower come through around 3pm it didn't last long but of course the majority of customers left after that. However my biggest purchase was around 4:30. No wind just a light rain. I opted to stay another night in Birmingham after looking at the radar and saw Nate was coming in quicker then expected. My husband was at home to take care of things there. We had no damage from the storm feeling lucky several of my neighbors did. The " eye" of the storm hit Birmingham around 10 am Sunday morning so I hung out in my room until it was several miles north and drove home with a light drizzle Sunday afternoon. See you in a couple of weeks at Kentuck. Good luck next week lafayette.


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