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A New product to fix Broken EZ Up Style Canopy trusses

Have you ever broken a TRUSS in your tent canopy?  Have you ever had to find something to repair that broken TRUSS?  Did you ever wish some one sold a reasonably priced TRUSS repair product that would work for your canopy?  IF you answered yes to any of those previous questions, then I have what you need!

When you do a search on E-bay for UNIVERSAL canopy tent truss repair kit you will see in the kit in the first attached photo. The Kit consists of; three 16 1/4 inch steel reinforced truss arm "splints", one roll of 3/4 inch Scotch Brand Nylon reinforced packaging tape in it's convenient tear off dispenser, a set of printed instructions in how to use the kit materials AND one Hefty Brand gallon size waterproof jumbo slider bag. ( I show you a side view of the splint and the spring steel wire that goes inside...... the blue taped  package of three splints are what you will recieve NOT FOUR).  I have recently added (8) "spacers" to each kit for those who wish to attach the "splint" over the truss pivot bolt ........ see the second attached picture.

The splint is fabricated from recycled broken Ez Up canopy truss made of commercial grade Aluma-Steel powder coated tubing.  Each Splint is hand cut to it's 16 1/4 inch length and is capped with recycled Ez Up black plastic end caps.  There is a pre-drilled hole on one end of each splint which will accept standard Ez Up bolts (bolts / nuts are NOT included). Inside each section of splint is a new 26" Titanium Bi-product spring steel sign wire bent in a double loop pattern to fit the inside the splint tubing and taped in the center with nylon reinforcing tape. This reinforced splint is SIX TIMES stronger than an unreinforced truss tubing! The splints are wrapped with three strips of 2 inch red commercial grade duct tape for visibility.  The Scotch Brand nylon reinforced strapping tape measures 3/4 inch x 300 inches in length is rated for heavy jobs and has a breaking strength in excess of 100 lbs.

This kit was created by me to be the BEST repair kit with quality materials to fix any broken Ez Up Canopy style truss!

I probably have an hour of time and sweat invested in the making of each  of these struts!   I have used them to fix my bent / broken canopy trusses and to fix many of my friend's canopies.   THEY DO THE JOB BETTER than anything that I have seen out there PERIOD!

This kit is small and portable and with it's weather proof slider lock bag, it defies the elements!  There is even room in the bag for other useful emergency items.

Why is he selling these kits so cheap you might be asking yourself?  I am a retired old guy who had lots of broken canopy tent trusses in his garage with the time and skills needed to turn that scrap into something useful............  besides that, my Wife says that making thes kits keeps me away from yard sales and poker games!  ;?)   with the little I make from the sale of these kits, I can play some poker at night with my friends!!

Lastly, I only have so many trusses that I can recycle so when my current supply runs out, I won't be making more 'till I get a new supply!  If you have any questions about these kits,ask me before you buy them 'cause I have a NO REFUND POLICY for sales!  You will notice that I have a 100% satisfied customer rating on E-bay; what I say about my sale items in "take-it-to-the-bank" true!    I also have a modest 11 page .pdf guide on Canopy Tent repair that might interest you for just $1.99 (Spring Sale).  Of Course, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU BUY BOTH!

Thanks for looking at what I have for sale & if you decide to buy, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

SPRING Sale!  Now get my repair kit for only $14.99 + S&H !!!!!!

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Now that's funny!

But I have seen repairs on canopies. I was at a show last year and one exhibitor had to replace three pieces on the truss. He took pressure treated wood and cut it to the sizes needed, drilled them, and replaced the broken truss parts. He said he did it a year back and they work just fine.

He too was from New England where I say many times:

"Use it up, wear it out. Make it do, or do without."

We don't go buy a new canopy just because a part breaks.

TX for your reply Chris!  Pressure treated wood is an interesting way to go.......  there are lots of carpenters out there with the skills and tools to make that work I am sure! 

The beauty of my repair kit is that it recycles the broken truss parts in the form  of a stronger than the OEM part, way.  It also is a quick fix to get you through your event when you might be far from  home and  your shop.  Deo Read

When I am going to a long show, I usually have 2 replacement trusses in the van - I got them from EZ-UP, and they cost $20 per piece. (And this from a person who never had a truss broken - I do not know why!) And if I need to do a quick fix on the spot, I would use few soldering rods and (of course) duct tape. What we'll do without duct tape? Actually I gave this idea to a friend in one show we attended on a regular basis - and he kept using the rods for few seasons. I an pretty sure he's still using them.

Couldn't locate you on Ebay, can you tell me how to? Thanks.

Hello Mark,

I sold out what stock I Had, so I haven't put it back up on  e-Bay.  How many truss splints do you need? and how soon do you need them?  I can make some up for $5 per splint plus shipping......


Hi Deo,

Just one for now, although David seems to suggest there will be others. I have a show on the 25th of this month.


I can make up one with parts I now have & send it out for $5 + shipping........ You can use nylon tape or duct tape for the repair.  Let me know & I can have it right out to you....  David is right, the scissors truss material on the EZ up is NOT very durable!  They are NOT motivated to make their trusses more durable since that is bad for sales...........


Actually there are two broke. Both broke clean through at the truss pivot bolt. Can that be repaired?

Each of the metal trusses in the canopy frame are different lengths so IF you decide to get replacement pieces from the parent company, make sure you order the correct lengths.  My repair truss splint comes with spacers to bridge the scissor truss joint.  see attached picture.  IF your repair "bridges" the break, then you can still open & close the truss frame.  IF you do not "bridge" the break, you need to keep taping and removing the repair at the broken area each time you set it up.  I include (3) splints in my kit so that when the weakened bent area finally breaks, you have the repair splint ready to use.  IF you use white duct tape to make the repair, either to cover the nylon tape or just by itself, the repair "blends" in with the frame.  Because a broken truss has sharp edges, it is important to wrap these broken edges with tape to avoid puncturing or ripping the tent canopy top. There is another factor to consider IF you try and order exact replacement parts from the canopy company; time........... They are NOT, in my experience, quick shippers!  that is IF they even have the part in stock!


So even if the truss are both broken through at the pivot bolt, these splints allow them to flex? If so, do I go yo your ebay site and order?

YES, when you span the broken pivot, you maintain it's flexibility.  The splint spans the broken areas and allow the trusses to "scissors"
open & close.  You can see my ad on Craig's List Hudson Valley, NY under "Ez Up Style Canopy Truss Repair Kit". 


"Have you ever broken a TRUSS in your tent canopy?  Have you ever had to find something to repair that broken TRUSS?  Did you ever wish some one sold a reasonably priced TRUSS repair product that would work for your canopy?  IF you answered yes to any of those previous questions..."

HA HA HA!!!!!!

Ya just gotta ask yourself WHY there are so many broken E-Z Ups out there. 

GO WITH A REAL CANOPY AND SAVE YOURSELF THE HEARTACHE (and save your neighbors the heartache when YOUR E-Z ends up on top of their Light Dome).



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