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I definitely need a fan.  Is there a kind out there that is better than the rest or are they all pretty much the same?

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You can get a Black and Decker portable fan that uses the same rechargeable battery as their drills. I think Sears sells them, or they sell a similar fan with the Craftsman name.
Thanks Dave, I hadn't even thought of getting a battery powered one, but that would be a good choice.
Now that sounds like a really cool idea! I bet it circulates the air well too.

Patricia Hecker said:
Here's an idea we use. My husband rigged a 20" box fan to lay flat attached to the spreader bars of our Craft Hut. It blows down and in doing so, feels like air conditioning. I can't tell you how helpful this is at really hit shows where we can use it!
Between that and my spongy rubber floor, customers are comfortable and may stay long enough to make a purchase!
I hope this helps someone!
My husband combed the aisles at the hardware stores looking for fans. He found a nice one, similar to the box one Pat talked about, but without the box - just round. We attached it to the top stretcher bars with bungee cords. In addition we had small ones (probably six inches across) bungeed and clamped to blow on us at our sales desk. These worked very well -- but of course you have to have access to electricity.

I know we had some battery setups too -- but that is another discussion.
These are much better ideas than I had....thanks for's going to be warm this week-end and I'm going to get something to help a little.

Thanks for the info on the Black and Decker portable fan...I'll definitely check that out.  Anyone have a recommendation for a portable battery run fan now as that was 2010?  I have 2 really hot shows coming up!

Put a 10x10 white tarp inside your tent to act as a ceiling. The heat stays above the tarp and the inside is cooler. Total price: under 20 bucks.

very interesting idea! kinda like making an attic.

There are some tent fans for camping. I bought two different one's we'll see how they work in my art fair ten! One is AGPtek 2-1 tent fan and light on Amazon $23.99 and currently Groupon has a deal for a Whetstone 2 in 1 tent fan for $12.99. They both look pretty similar I'm not sure how strong they are but both are battery operated and have hooks you can use to hang them. They aren't very big both about 6"x7"but I'll see how they work. I couldn't find the Black and Decker.

Go to Home Depot or Lowe's. They have fans that run off an 18v drill battery. Get the 4 amp battery and it will last all day.  Batteries recharge in 45 minutes or so.

I have two -- one Ryobi, one Rigid. I had to special order the Rigid, but that was what sort of drill I already had. The Ryobi they stock on the shelf. The Rigid puts out more air than the Ryobi, but the Ryobi is cheaper and more readily available. Rigid is true variable speed, Ryobi has low/high. Both are "Hybrid" so they can run off a battery or a power cord.



Getting ready to order my Ryobi fans, batteries and chargers.  Great idea!!! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Since you've tried both, can you give a comparison between these two fans?

I see that the Rigid's battery is a little bigger and the fan is more powerful, but the fan and batteries are more expensive. The Ryobi is a bit smaller and easier to store. But maybe one Rigid could take the place of two Ryobi's in some cases.

Can you see a clear winner if you were to buy into a set today?




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