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In Memoriam: We lost one of our own this week

We lost one of our own this week and I just want to say that I will miss glass blower Joe Becker. He was a fine artist, a true character an…

Started by Carroll Swayze in In MemoriamLatest Reply

Booth Damage at Show

I did a show this weekend at a convention center in my city.  I set up 2 nights before the show.  The night before the show, one of the exh…

Started by Tim Gott in Business of Art FairsLatest Reply

What does it cost to actually put on an art show?

I know this has been discussed here before, but I can't seem to find it. There's always a lot of talk about how jury fees are out of hand,…

Started by Jim Parker in Business of Art FairsLatest Reply

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Welcome to Art Fair Insiders!

New to Art Fairs, or considering taking the plunge? Introduce yourself and find new friends in the art show and crafts business. Questions about the business? Before you ask look at the Forum categories below please! Try using the search box at top to find the wealth of information that's already been posted. If there's no answer post your question in Newbies Central discussion area.

1029 10 hours ago
Hilltop Art Fair, Douglas County, CO - A Little One Day Show, 2016
by Richard L. Sherer

Jurying for Art Fairs & Craft Shows

Preparing images for jury, presenting images, booth slides, zapplication, etc.

411 14 hours ago
Reply by Paula Decker Haynes

Booth Examples and Reviews

When submitting to a jury, your booth shot can make THE difference between acceptance and rejection. If you would like feedback on your booth shot, submit your questions and photos here.

132 11 hours ago
Reply by Bobby Weiss

Art Fair Equipment, Vendors & Suppliers

What works? What's best? How can you make it better? Tents, weights, lighting, panels, art supplies, etc.

663 10 hours ago
Reply by Bobby Weiss

For Sale or Trade

sell your art show related equipment or supplies

115 11 hours ago
Reply by Shelia Summerlin

Business of Art Fairs

Taxes, self-employment issues, insurance, credit card processing, and more...

420 15 hours ago
Reply by Paula Decker Haynes

Marketing & Sales of Your Art and Crafts

Share tips on marketing, making sales and presentation of art at the shows.

233 Apr 19
Looking for nominations for 30 UNDER 30 craftspeople...
by Anne Jenkins

Art Show Information and Discussions

Talk about specific art shows, includes questions & discussion not already posted on

1989 1 hour ago
Reply by David Woeller

Web Site Reviews, Internet Marketing and Tech

Web site reviews, e-commerce tips, and online marketing Q&A to help you sell more online after the show is over. Show us your website and we'll review it here.

152 on Thursday
Reply by Larry Berman

Questions & Answers for New Members

Don't be shy. Ask the veterans. We have all the answers!

192 Apr 21
Reply by David Perry Lawrence

Hotel Tips, Home and Room Sharing for Artists

Let's save some money. Looking to share a room at an art fair or do you live near a show? Make connections here to save money and make a new friend. Got any leads on hotel prices near a show? Let us know. Also, share Priceline tips here and lodging options.

69 Apr 23
Lovely and Cheap Accomodations
by karen O'Lone-Hahn

Everything Else

Share the news of your life - awards, babies, marriages, commissions, publishing, etc. What else would you like to talk about that doesn't fit a category? We're interested in all your personal stories, too.

346 yesterday
Reply by Christina L. Towell

In Memoriam

Share information about people who are part of the art fair community: artists, artist partners, show organizers, etc.

40 19 hours ago
Reply by Greg Heihn

Wholesale Business

Talk about wholesaling fine art and fine craft, both at the large wholesale markets, using a rep and on your own. What are the benefits and pitfalls?

9 Dec 9, 2015
Reply by Lana Vosk

Southwest Artists Group

Let's share information about shows in the Southwest - you don't have to live there to join in.

4 Dec 8, 2015
Reply by Connie Mettler


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